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Rain Guns Solution

Cricket / Hockey / Football / School / Golf Course

Most commonly used SIME RainGun Models for Sports Ground (Cricket/Hockey/ Football) / Golf Courses

  • Mariner
  • Klicker
  • Hidra
  • Pop up Sports guns
  • Pop up Dynamic 25
  • Pop Up Playground

You can place 2 nos. of Model V- Mariner - one on each side of the boundary at the center for the given dimensions. This RainGun has both full circle and half circle automatic rotation facility and thus can either be kept in the center area (full circle) or at the border line (half circle).

You can use 3 units of our Model V- KLICKER Rain Guns installing at suitable spacing along both the opposite side boundary of the football court (Covering length of 530 ft).

V-Klicker RainGun can cover a radius of 145 ft under half circle coverage mode installed at the boundary, and thus when two V-Klicker Rain Guns are positioned facing each other on each of the boundary, will cover total 290 ft. width of the court.

Total Six positions along the boundary will cover the entire field. You may use only three Rain Guns to cover all the six positions, each RainGun covering two opposite positions.

Advantages of Vedant Rain Guns for Sports Grounds/ Golf Courses

  • Saves Time & Labour- Large quantities of water is spread in very less time
  • Easy Installation
  • Provides a uniform distribution of rain fall
  • Even spread of moisture
  • Control on rotational speeds & droplet sizes
  • Almost negligible maintenance cost
  • Cost effective- High ROI
  • Part Circle/ Full Circle rotation facility