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Rain Guns Solution

RainGun setup consists of:

Pumpset –

The discharge and pressure required depends on the

  • Raingun model
  • Number of Rain Guns simultaneously in operations
  • Range required/ Area to be covered
  • Water source

Pipelines –

  • Mainline (underground or portable)- PVC / HDPE Pipeline of 3-3.5 inch diameter to run along centre of the farm area having 1.5- 2 inch outlets connection provision (ON/OFF valves) to Lateral line after every 120 feet.
  • Lateral Line - Portable HDPE (high pressure) sprinkler pipes of 2.5- 3 inch diameter and 3.2- 4 Kg/cm2 pressure rating running through the breadth of the farm having outlet connection provision in the end for RainGun trolley stand

Portable trolley stand having 1.5 inch riser pipe and poly wheels –

  • For mounting Rain-gun at one meter height and providing flexibility in moving Rain Guns

Quick-fit accessories – To install Rain Guns setup quickly and smoothly

  • Stand to RainGun Male/Female quick fit connector assembly - for quick positioning of RainGun on the trolley stand. It helps in preventing the wear and tear of rainguns joints caused by frequent installation / dismantling
  • Stand to Lateral line pipe quick fit connector- for connecting stand to HDPE sprinkler supply pipes
  • HDPE pipe fittings- like PCN, Portable Bend, End plugs etc are used to join the HDPE pipes to the outlet of main pipeline.

Complete Raingun Irrigation System:

  1. Raingun- Vedant SIME Skipper Raingun Or Vedant SIME Skipper Hidra (As per requirement)
  2. Portable Trolley Raingun Stand on Wheels with 1.5” riser pipe of 3 meter height (For quick-positioning of Raingun at desired locations)
  3. Quik-fit Male Stand Adapter for 75mm or 63mm HDPE pipes(For quick connection of trolley stand to HDPE portable sprinkler pipes)
  4. Quick-fit Male - Female connector set ( Aluminium Alloy) (Fits on portable stand to quickly connect / remove Raingun from riser pipe
    like a bulb fitting. Quick-fit Male/ Female connectors with End cap, can also be used for quickly positioning Raingun on underground pipeline outlets under fix system)
  5. Tractor PTO Pump
    • With Gear Box
    • With Universal Joint & fittings
    • With Heavy Duty Stand
  6. HDPE Poly Pipe Rolls
  7. Poly Pipe Fittings
    • PCN with threading nipple
    • Bend with M/F connector
    • End Plug